Great Design is Selling Very Well

Dear Colleagues,

the timing could not have been better to launch my new brand “Tuna Graphix” livened with a resplendent Logo and forward looking website to display my numerous design highlights!

To make a name of myself as a powerful “Designer du jour,” I have been looking for an image that is modern but hints toward the ’80s hardrock metal era. Unmistakably, movies and shows such as “This is Spinal Tap” or “Moonbeam City” were great sources of inspiration. Additionally, my life and work in Miami cast a mysterious yet so powerful spell over me and my brand possesses a timeless kinship with the city.

The visionary slogan “The space is a laboratory of ideas.” must draw your attention to the upper left sidebar menu, which occupies a palette of all my five spaces. Each space features three slideshows to display a magnificent mix of an art-filled nest feathered for each client and category, where traditional and modern mingle freely.

More than anything else, I want to resist pigeonholes and am adaptable to the demands and welter of technological changes. I am able to change my concepts and designs at will to move in and out of all challenges and I have always subscribed to my experience and richly appointed typography skills.

Either high-powered or aesthetically obsessed, I possess qualities that one may associate with a brilliant Designer and I also ask you to leave no stone unturned! The right moves turn every project into extravaganzas with a high level of ingenuity!

Yours sincerely,


Tuna Tekeli
Creative Director