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Design of Demo Event Renderings and Visual Merchandising Assets

I designed numerous demo event renderings and according merchandising materials for the brands Maybelline and Garnier for Walmart and other national accounts. I started with creating assets according to briefs and internal meetings such as the top, side, front of carts, educational handouts, banners and easels. For visualization purposes, I created renderings within the store and also added table mockups with beauty advisors to get a better sense of how all elements work together. For the most part, I created my own templates and grid systems to assure consistency throughout all of the artwork.  arrow


Design of Instore Promotional Collateral for L’Oréal Level Loyalty Rewards

I designed a couple of various instore promotional materials that will be displayed at Saloncentric hairsalons to promote the new Level Loyalty Rewards brand. Among others, I created a double-sided tearpad as well as a brochure, a register mat, a bigger cash wrap poster and dye cut floor decal, as well as aisle violators, easel backs, brochure holder stickers and pop sockets, that can be sticked behind a phone. These print materials create a great experience and help direct to the website or to a sales associate if they have any questions. arrow


Design of Evites and Post Cards

I designed a variety of cards for “Saks Fifth Avenue” as evite or direct mail post card. Plus, I designed a variety of evites for my clients that include artists, high-end furnishing companies, international fashion designers and upper tier event promoters. arrow


Design of Ads

I designed a variety of instore posters in the size 14 x 22 inches in the Art Department of “Saks Fifth Avenue.” For the sales ads we used Origami paper art that showcased in a minimalistic way different clothing pieces. I also designed ads for the “Saks First” division.  arrow


Design of a Display for Rogue Accessories at Macy’s

I designed several layout options for a stand promoting bracelets for Rogue Accessories, one of Randa Accessories’ clients. These stands are being displayed at Macy’s and I started this project by searching for appropriate images on image banks with models wearing bracelets, mainly with a denim feel to it. As backdrop I picked a dark denim conveying vector graphic.  arrow


Creation of Storyboards for Cortal Consors

While working for the advertising agency “Serviceplan” in Germany, I was part of the team that pitched for the client “Cortal Consors” an online bank. We wanted to come up with a very avantgardistic solution and got inspired by the movie “A Scanner Darkly.” The idea was to create a very unique look & feel, where all day to day activities take place and I was in charge to create this world. I also made sure that the brand color orange is always present.
Cortal Consors