Digital Design

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Design of Landing Webpages for L’Oréal Level Loyalty Rewards

I designed landing pages for the brands Redken, Matrix, Pureology and L’Oréal Professionnel adhering to brand guidelines that were established by the Advertising Agency Firstborn, that created the whole look & feel for the brand “Level Loyalty Rewards.” These pages will replace the homepage of their former brand specific loyalty programs and direct to the new unifying Level Loyalty Rewards homepage. I used elements from Firstborn and added header images with our tagline “Because you’ve earned it!” displaying iPad’s that show brand specific products, accessories and classes that you can choose.  arrow


Design of Emails for L’Oréal Level Loyalty Rewards

After designing assets for the catalog of Level Loyalty Rewards with over 1,000 products, accessories and classes, I started designing prelaunch-, transactional- and welcome emails. Accordingly, I used elements from the brand guidelines that the agency Firstborn established and added the header image with the tagline “Because you’ve earned it” with a variation of smartphone and tablet options displaying a mix of products or classes across all brands. arrow


Design of Newsletters for Naturopathica

This summer I helped “Naturopathica,” a boutique agency that promotes health and wellness products for spas create several mobile-friendly newsletters. I had to pick appealing images out of the vast library that would coalesce with the features of the products that needed to be highlighted. I started by picking similar templates of previous email blasts and rearranged the layout according to the new content and direction as advised by the account managers. I quickly familiarized myself with the look & feel and overall aesthetic of all communication materials, thus exceeding the expectations of my colleagues.   arrow


Design of Webbanners for the Agency “Rain”

For the Digital Consultancy “Rain” I helped out as Digital Designer and designed multiple webbanners for their client “Related Real Estate.” I started working with the “Move” concept using artboards on Photoshop and followed up with the “Dog City” concept that I pulled from the print campaign. I needed to find a balanced composition of Logo, the positioning of the Logo, image motif and the head copy by keeping it consistent and impactful throughout all sizes. In the same vain, I created the webbanner series for the “Dog City” concept.  arrow


Design of Email and Webbanners for

LuggageGuy is one of Randa Accessories’ clients and I designed the email and webbanners on behalf of the “Fourth of July” promotion. I designed 4 separate parts of the email with Photoshop and uploaded them on iContact that organizes and manages all emails. After sending out the email, I designed the according webbanners that are being placed prominently as hero banners on the website and direct you through mouseclick to the promoted products. I used dynamic Illustrations celebrating the occasion and likewise enhancing the three colors of the flag and the products.  arrow


Design of Image Assets for Rockport on Amazon

I retouched and designed image assets for “Rockport” shoes, one of Randa Accessories’ clients on Amazon. First, I cleaned up the images and dissected them in mainly 3 parts, in order to make the layers of the shoe visible and added the descriptions. I used the “Liquify” filter to adjust the separate parts visually. arrow


Design and Coding of HTML- and CSS-based Websites
for Design District Magazine

In addition to designing 25 entire magazines for “Aston Custom Publishing” I designed and coded HTML and CSS-based websites for each issue starting with the Spring 2012 issues. The websites shown here are for the “Design District – Spring 2013 – The Interiors” edition. Based upon a layout designed with Frontpage, I coded a template with Dreamweaver completely from scratch and designed every site respective to each page within the magazine, thus covering all stories and features. In addition, I coded a drop-down menu to better navigate, sort and add interactivity to the sites and extended the directory list to include an A-Z list as well as different categories.  arrow
Link to Live Website of Design District Magazine


Design and Coding of HTML- and CSS-based Websites
for Art New Orleans Magazine

Starting with the Spring 2012 issue, I designed and coded the respective website for “Art New Orleans Magazine.” It was an HTML- and CSS-based website and live until the Spring 2013 issue. Since there was no previous website for this magazine, I coded the whole website completely from scratch with Dreamweaver. Respective to each page in the magazine, I designed each website accordingly and organized them with the help of a drop-down menu. In addition to updating the content each quarter after the magazine was published, I updated the directory and maps, which required great attention to detail since there were continuously many revisions to undertake.  arrow


Design of Webpages for Mizani

While working onsite at “Commerce Partners” I was assigned to design a certain set of webpages for their client “Mizani” hairproducts. I was in charge of creating them with Photoshop and my layouts were given to a Developer on Mizani’s end who would code and place them accordingly. Thus, I conceived a grid to assure consistency throughout the pages, kept the design very minimal and sleek and made the products look as prominent as possible.  arrow


Design of Evites

For “Saks Fifth Avenue,” “Design District Magazine” and “CoveringsETC” in Miami and artist “Sarah Ashley Longshore” in New Orleans I designed email marketing tools such as Evites and internal Newsletters. Mostly, I build templates from scratch taking into consideration a specific theme for an event. I started by choosing a format, collecting all images and having a brief brainstorm with the client. For “CoveringsETC” in Miami, that promotes sustainable stone tiles and slabs for floor and wall cladding, I build a grid with plates that resemble the “Eco-Cem®” stone series going from dark to lighter gray. To break the rigidity, I juxtaposed text and images in an irregular arrangement, chose dynamic and colorful images and fonts and also used images with a lot of depth.   arrow


Design of Webbanners for “Aston Custom Publishing”

For “Aston Custom Publishing” I was in charge of designing “Design District” and “Art New Orleans” magazines and their respective HTML-based websites. Plus, I designed webbanners of their clients in different formats that were placed on the website, mainly Skyscraper banners in the size 160 x 600 px. It was a challenge to adjust the magazine print ads to the size of these banners and make it look consistent. I was able to test the webbanners and their impact on my local server before getting approval and putting them online.