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Design of Logos

I designed Logos for a variety of clients from different industries such as world famous luxury department stores, Jazz bands, yogawear, kid’s TV shows, electronic housewife giants or Brazilian show dancers. Often, this would lead into further assignments such as designing evites, ads, flyers and up to the rendering and concept for an indoor soccer stadium.  arrow


Design of Brochures, Bi-folds, Factsheets and Whitepapers

I helped out on rebranding efforts for the global, multinational engineering company “WSP USA” formerly Parsons Brinckerhoff in their world headquarters at One Penn Plaza. I started designing a brochure and bifold and then continued to design a multitude of factsheets and some of the whitepapers. These print materials serve to inform about the various fields the company is involved in noteworthy to mention are all future oriented and alternative energy distributing platforms. Therefore, I needed to retouch all images to adhere to the new color coding system including to highlight a specific red and create a gradient sky. Plus, the fonts needed to be exchanged with the new fonts that followed new guidelines. Compared to the previous materials, I also made sure to have enough white spaces to balance out the load of information and give enough breathing room. I conceived hero images that required to integrate parts of the letters of the Logo into the images or use them as an orientation to create shapes for the infographics.  arrow


Art Direction and Corporate Identity for CoveringsETC

CoveringsETC is an architectural firm in the green industry and it offers sustainable stones to clad countertops, floor and wall coverings. I was in charge of keeping the whole corporate identiy stringent from business cards, ad campaigns, manuals, catalogs, cut sheets, newsletters, door signage to the trade booth and develop ideas to demonstrate the sustainability of the products, which won us the “Green Leader Award” at “Greenbuild Boston” in 2008 and we became Finalist at the “Best of Year Award” of the “Interior Design Magazine” in the category “Eco.”  arrow


Design of Powerpoint Presentations

The wheel depicted here visualizes all services that the SoHo-based agency “Commerce Partners” provides for its numerous clients and I developed a color scheme and model that illustrates clearly the connectivity of all these services. In addition, I helped launch the new website and was in charge of the visual content. Furthermore, I designed flyers, animated banners, cards and websites for diverse clients. Plus, I am designing Powerpoint Presentations on a regular basis.  arrow


Creation of Packaging Materials

For “Naturopathica,” a boutique agency in Chelsea that promotes health and wellness products for spas, I created packaging materials for the “Grapefruit & Fir” line comprised of cartons and labels for the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion and body scrub. I started by placing the copy from updated excel spreadsheets into given templates by rearranging the layout accordingly. I needed to make sure that there weren’t any hyphenations, so I used all techniques to make the copy fit without any line breaks. I also took into consideration that only the appropriate CMYK were used.