Editorial Design

This space features five carousel slideshows.

Design of the Lookbook for Trafalgar

Trafalgar is one of Randa Accessories’ premium men’s leather accessories brand and to promote the brand to luxury department stores, I was asked to design a lookbook to send out per email or as a print version. I used the current campaign motifs as hero images that introduce each collection and highlighted one out of max 3 products per page. I embedded new product shots of the braces and used a mix of illustrations, quotes and cleaned the images additionally within a few days of turnaround.  arrow


Creative Direction of Design District Magazine

As Creative Director for “Design District Magazine” about interior design and outdoor furnishings that covers the art, music, fashion and social scene of the upper tier Design District of Miami, I designed ads, mediakits, Logos, evites, video animations and was also involved in event planning and management services. In addition, I designed the respective html-based website which be can viewed by clicking the link below.  arrow


Creative Direction of Art New Orleans Magazine

For over 12 seasons, I was the Creative Director for “Art New Orleans Magazine” which was distributed in art galleries in the Arts District around Julia St., the French Quarter and Magazine St. Additionally, I designed the respective html-based website, ads, Logos, mediakits, evites and was also involved in event planning, rendering files to the printer and other management tasks.  arrow


Design of Spreads for GQ Magazine

After watching the movie and reading the book “The Devil Wears Prada” finally one of my biggest dreams came true when I was chosen to work for “GQ Magazine” at the most renowned publishing company in the fashion business “Condé Nast.” Within the small Art Department I designed fullpages and spreads, illustrations and helped in the overall organization to communicate with the outsourced company that finedrew the images.  arrow


Redesign of Grade 6 Anthology for Amplify Education

My role in this project was to create three separate books namely “Grade 6 Anthology,” “Student Workbook” and “Unplugged Lessons” out of one previous version. Since the editors worked physically in Cambridge, we had daily scrum meetings and it required additional proactivity on my end to research and put together all separate InDesign files for each unit and compile them into one book by making sure to save as many pages as possible. The timeframe to finish this project was six weeks and I noticed I could have created a succinct style guide if I had more time to revisit it. I went beyond expectations and won a MacBook Air by taking part in the internal “Poetry Amid the Machines” competition and scored #2 with my poem Under the Screen which was judged by a computer algorithm itself (for reading please click on the title.)