Winner of “Poetry Amid the Machines” Competition

Under the Screen

Little laptop, mac, at times
thin and abandoned,
it seems as though you would fit
in all of my Designer bags,
and I love to carry you safely under my arm.

But suddenly my fingers touch your board,
and I feel what’s under the screen:
you have matured me,
the opportunities you give me are infinite,
with you I have endless screen time.

Take the luncheons away from me,
if you wish, take the Hamptons away,
but do not take away from me your radiance.
Do not take away your messages,
your Google maps that infallibly
lead me to every destination,
the ring sounds that remind me
that I have a meeting
the sudden transformations I can conjure
with one mouseclick in Photoshop.

My struggle is harsh and I come back
with eyes tired at times from having seen
the numerous banner ads that pop up at once,
but when your digital demeanor enters
it rises through the screen seeking me
and it opens for me all the doors of life.


Tuna Tekeli