Branding: The Beauty Comeback

The Beauty Comeback Campaign

My design team was briefed by L’Oréal to develop an international campaign to draw back consumers to shop instore and online in a post-pandemic environment. Individually, I created a Logo and Manifesto. I started to create a mind-map and envisioned for the B of Beauty to symbolize a butterfly. Mirroring the state of the pandemic, I compared the lockdown phase to the cocooning of the butterfly, and the comeback phase as a transformed state of beautiful being. You can read more of the concept within the Manifesto. This concept was designed for all types of online and instore activations such as websites, banners, A+ banners, emails, ads, brochures, info stands, demo events etc. The butterfly visual can be used separately to brand the campaign and make it consistent throughout all elements of communication, as add-on for claims and callouts and create an overarching story.

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